Dear Quick Quote user,

Discontinuing of dongles

Please note that we will be discontinuing the use of dongles for Quick Quote and changing to an online unique serial authentication code (USAC) method, as used by Microsoft, AutoCad and other similar software packages.

The implementation is planned for the 1st March 2022, and the process is as follows:

  • You will receive your unique serial authentication code (USAC) the last week in February.
  • On the 1st March you must download the new version of Quick Quote from the HBS website as usual.
  • When installing QQ you will be prompted to enter your USAC.
  • Quick Quote will then match the USAC to your computer, the implication is that only that computer can run Quick Quote.
  • Effective 1st March the dongles will no longer work on the new QQ version?
  • You will have 3 months to move projects from your dongle version onto the new serial version of Quick Quote.
  • Effective 1st June, the dongle will be rendered useless.
  • Monthly invoicing will continue as usual, referencing the USAC.

If no serial code is received by 28th February, or you need any assistance, Cape Town customers must please contact Rodney@hbs.co.za and JHB customers must contact Jacques@hbs.co.za.