About Us

Our core business is developing, stocking and selling branded aluminium systems that architects and fabricators trust. Our vision is simply doing this as best as we can.

Branded systems tend to enjoy more research and development than generic products because anyone can easily copy a generic product whereas branded products like ours are protected by law. Branded products tend to be trusted more than generic products for this very reason.

We have a highly competent technical team and a test centre that boasts the largest test rig in the country (6m x 3m) which gives us the freedom to continuously develop and test new products.

The launch of Window wall the first waterproof shopfront in South Africa is a result of our commitment to developing unique products combined with our technical expertise.

Our ultimate aim is to offer branded aluminium systems which architects can specify with confidence and fabricators will enjoy using.AIM-HIGHER





Success is rarely achieved without effort. The starting point is to be very clear on our vision and then to focus all our efforts into achieving our vision. There is often an easier way but at HBS we believe that everyone is following the easier way, we want to be different and we accept that this is going to take effort.

Offering branded aluminium systems that architects and fabricators trusted is not easy, but we are determined.


We believe that more and more architects and fabricators are learning to trust our products.

We are convinced that our products give architects peace of mind and make life easier for fabricators and this is reflected in the growing demand for our products.

We are optimistic about the future of HBS, if the recent past is anything to go by then continued success is inevitable.


Our vision, culture and values have remained unchanged since we became part of the Mazor family.

We do not get distracted by what our competitors are doing, the multitude of generic alternatives or the state of the economy.

The more difficult the challenge the more determined we become because we believe that we are doing the right things and doing them more consistently and for longer than anyone else can.