Technical Bulletins


Techical Bullettin #40

Dear HBS Partner We are pleased to introduce Quick Quote 9.1 version. New features include - Price Update -March 2015 prices for Profiles and Accessories are now included. Remember to re-set your HBS Discount % before you begin work in the new version PDF Charts - to reflect the changes in the price list....


Dear HBS Partner, As part of ongoing development of our Window Wall system profile range, we have designed the AB245 60mm Compensator Head to suit the AB233 Window Wall Equal Leg Outer Frame. You can now accommodate slab deflections at the head of strip windows of 30mm. As with other Compensating Head Channels in...


Dear HBS Partner, As part of ongoing development of our profile range, we have redesigned our Flyscreen Sash profile. The new AB397 NKFLYSASH can now accommodate the HG103 Connector to form mitred corner connections. The nylon Flyscreen mesh is held in place with the HK159 6mm diameter Black Gasket Flyscreen Tubing. The Flyscreen Sash...


The rebranding of the company has transformed the dynamics and profile considerably. HBS has become responsive to clients needs and the level of service has improved accordingly. The sales support from the team has improved noticeably and the company has become more aware of what is happening at the coal face in the industry. The new management has infused an entrepreneurial flair into their team, and we are now dealing with a motivated and objective group of people.

Luigi Zito
HBS is by far the most innovative company in South Africa. HBS try and keep up with upcoming Technology in order to stay ahead and compete with foreign companies and technologies. They also keep an eye on world trend designs.

Raj Govender
What we want from an aluminium supplier is quality, product availability, service and a competitive price. HBS most of the times comply with all 4. That is why we from Mabitzo Trust t/a Geustyn&Horak in Bloemfontein prefer to use HBS as our aluminium supplier. We believe that we have a good business partner in HBS. Someone that understands the pressures/challenges of the industry and because of the good relationship and mutual understanding we are confident to face tomorrow. May HBS blossom in the years to come and congratulations with the new website.

Gerrit Van Zyl
Atlantic Glass & Aluminium has found that NuKlip to be the most versatile and best design system available on the market. We have been using NuKlip for the past 17 years. HULABOND offers a top quality, maintenance free finish to any building and is becoming increasing popular.

Basil Van Eck
Insite has had the pleasure of doing business with HBS for about 2 years now; our experience has been a pleasurable one. The staff at HBS have great product knowledge and we are never left without answers. Staff members are very sufficient and friendly and all staff here at Insite have built good relationships with various staff members from HBS. We are always kept in the loop when it comes to new products and changes that might be taking place. Doing business with HBS comes highly recommended.

Hilton Truran
Abcus can only laud the quality of service received from HBS since dealing with them. Keen, professional and efficient personnel make it a pleasure to deal with the company. In the instance where technical assistance is needed, HBS is always willing to assist. They’ve send out training personnel to our site to train personnel on new systems and even borrowed us punching tools for a specific unique profile. We are also informed timely and regularly re any new products on the market. HBS is a pleasure to deal with and can be recommended freely to aluminium manufacturers.

MA Venter
“HBS is our aluminium systems supplier of choice, as the company offers the full basket of products to meet our every requirement, the highest level of service, as well as technical support at all levels. A very beneficial partnership, all round!”

Wesley Delport
Winndow & Door Systems had moved from our existing supplier to HBS in 2008, in specific to the Nuklip and Coastal ranges as we had felt that HBS had a pioneering and driven approach to product innovation and quality. Coupled with the great products came an experienced based view of manufacture, with many of the sections designed with ease of manufacture in mind and machinery to support such. Many of the sections are thoughtfully designed to eliminate excessive stock holding. The wealth of experience at HBS and the ease of access, speaking to and obtaining information from the staff makes doing business and innovating on our part a pleasure.”

Marc Rodgers